Having trouble connecting your FB Business page under the New Pages Experience?

If Facebook recently migrated your Business page to their "New Pages Experience" you might not see the FB Page you want to add.

What happened: Your personal FB user profile may have been an admin of the FB Business page before. But once you migrated to the New Pages Experience, your user profile may have lost its permission to manage the page.

How to resolve: You'll need to give your user profile full access control over your FB Business page again. Please follow the 7 steps below to do this:

  1. Click on your user profile icon and change it to your FB Business page icon:

  2. Click on your FB Business profile icon, then "Settings & Privacy" and then "Settings"

  3. Click on "New Pages Experience" from the left menu

  4. Make sure your FB user profile is in the "People With Facebook Access" section:

  5. If your FB profile is not in the "People with Facebook access" section, click the "Add New" button (circled above) to add yourself.
  6. If you're unable to add yourself, then make a friend an admin, and have them add you to the "People With Facebook Access" section. Be sure to enable "Allow this person to have full control" 

This is an important step, since the default is that this is switched OFF. Ensure that "Allow this person to have full control" is switched ON.

7. Then your friend will have to go through the above 6 steps to add you as an admin of the page