Product Posting

You can post from your PRODUCTS tab directly to your Facebook and Instagram

You can edit the post before publishing: You can also edit the post template from your Settings tab:
You can also have SoldLive automatically post products for you at a certain time each day by turning the Automatic Posting to ON in your Settings.

If you enable Automatic Posting, the Collections card gets displayed where you can also choose to make it only post from certain collections:

The # of times you can post each day is limited by the plan you are on:

  • Starter - 3 posts/day
  • Boutique - 5 posts/day
  • Retail plan - 10 posts/day
  • Brand plan - 20 posts/day

These limits are only on the posts you can make from the PRODUCTS tab. You can manually make posts to your FB or IG (just include the # in your post so that your shoppers know what to comment)