Troubleshooting barcode scanning

If you're having trouble with your barcode scanner, please follow the 2 steps below:

1) Make sure the barcode shows up somewhere (outside of SoldLive). 

Close SoldLive, put your mouse cursor anywhere (e.g. in the navigation bar of your browser), and scan a barcode. 

Scanning a barcode should make the barcode appear where your mouse is. If the barcode shows up, then move on to step 2.

If the barcode doesn't show up, it means your scanner isn't properly connected to your computer. SoldLive cannot troubleshoot your hardware for you. But you can google around or email the support for your barcode scanner to figure out how to get your particular brand of barcode scanner to connect to your computer properly.

2) Try it in Preview mode of the mobile Overlay app

Go into Preview mode and scan the barcode in the OVERLAYS tab of SoldLive:

If the product doesn't show up in Preview mode on your phone, it means your barcode isn't entered properly in your Shopify product listing:

If it does show up in Preview mode, then it will show up in Live mode too.