How to do preorders

You can do pre-orders with the Waitlist feature.

You simply set the inventory count for the product to 0 in Shopify:

This will automatically trigger the waitlist message for anyone who comments for it:
Then when you get the product in stock. Update the inventory appropriately in Shopify. This automatically triggers the "back-in-stock" messages for anyone on the waitlist:

As long as they clicked the "Get messasges" button from the waitlist message, they will get notified when the inventory becomes positive. You can wait up to 1-year to get your inventory. And the app will appropriately message everyone when you update the inventory.

We automatically take into account the # of people on the waitlist versus the quantity of inventory. For example, if 10 people are on the waitlist and you updated your inventory from 0 to 5. Then the first 5 people on the waitlist get messaged. And if they click "No Thanks" or their back-in-stock hold time expires, then the remaining 5 people will get messaged in order.