Getting subscribers through your URL

You can have your shoppers go to[yourdomain] to subscribe. For example if your store's domain is, have them go to

If this is the first time they've messaged your FB Business page, they'll see a "Get started" button:

Once they click it, they'll get prompted to subscribe to your live announcements by clicking "Get messages"

After they click "Get messages", they'll automatically get messaged whenever you go live:

Starting in Apr '23, 'subscribe' comments also work in groups. It works slightly differently in groups where your group member gets an autocomment reply with your[yourdomain] link

Clicking the link takes them to Messenger where they'll see the "Get messages" button to opt-into your live announcements

Starting in May '23, you can turn this ON:

Any comment on your live that isn't claiming a product will trigger a message to that commenter asking if they want to subscribe.

This will dramatically increase the number of subscribers to your live announcement messages.

Starting in Jun '23, you can also enable the Welcome Greeting in your Settings tab:

This will prompt anyone who interacts with your FB Business page for the first time to subscribe to your live announcement message