Checkout options

1) Checkout page with draft orders (default). This sends the shopper to your checkout page, and a draft order is created/updated in your Shopify admin.

This is our recommended method, with the 2 drawbacks being: (1) shoppers can't enter their own discount codes and (2) they can't add more items from your store to their cart. They can only add items by commenting.

2) Checkout page without draft orders. This method solves the 2 drawbacks mentioned above. The disadvantage of this method though is that you can't see a draft order record of the shopper's invoice. 

We don't recommend this method unless you are very familiar with Shopify and SoldLive. For that reason, this is only available on our Scale plan

3) Cart page. As of 10/11/23, this option is no longer available to stores (unless you were grandfathered into it)

Some of the pros:

  1. Your shoppers can browse your store to add other items to their cart when they check out
  2. Your shoppers can add their own discount codes
  3. Your shoppers can increase the quantities of each item in their cart without commenting again (but this is also a disadvantage! See below) 

Some of the cons:

  1. Shopify's Cart page can be glitchy (it's rare, but it happens once in a while)
  2. Your customers can easily "steal" items from others by going to their store and adding items to their cart that they weren't able to claim through a comment.  
  3. Your shopper can change the quantity of an item in their cart without you or the app knowing. This can lead to other invoiced shoppers seeing that it is 'sold out' when they go to check out.
  4. Cart hold times are not as precise as they are on the checkout page