Are there any limitations on tags or products?

If you choose to use your own Shopify tags instead of our automatic numbers, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Tags should only be 1 or 2 words long. They have to be unique in order for the app to associate it with a product.

For products, each variant has a limit of 13 options. So if a product comes in more than 13 colors, for example, the app will only display the first 13 as choices for your commenter to choose:

One more limitation in the product variant options is the name of the option. The option has to be a single word. And Facebook has a limit of 20 characters for the buttons. So long option names can get cut off like this:

So in summary, there are 3 limitations to be aware of
1) Tags must be 2 words or less

2) Product variants must have 13 options or less

3) The variant option name must be less than 20 characters 

Because of all these limitations, we recommend that you use our automatic numbers instead. They are intended to make your life a lot easier!