Allowing for different sizes in the comments

If you want your shoppers to include the variant option within the comment, they usually have to spell it exactly how it's written in your Shopify product listing.

However, for sizes, we do have some flexibility. Any of the following variant option names are interchangeable:

  • Small = S = Sml = Sm
  • Medium = Med = M = Md
  • Large = L = Lg = Lrg
  • XLarge = XL = X-Large
  • 1X = 1XL
  • 2XL = XXL = 2X
  • 3XL = XXXL = 3X
  • 4X = 4XL
  • 5X = 5XL
  • 6X = 6XL

So if the size variant option is spelled as “medium” in Shopify, we will equate “M” , "med", and "md" to the “medium” variant option. For example, “101 med” will work as well as “101 m” as well as “101 medium” as well as "101 md".

Note that if a store does not have a variant option called "m", “medium” , “md” or "med" defined; then we will just ignore the “m” in the “101 m” comment.