Discount codes at checkout

To include discounts in the invoices sent out by the app, you have 4 options (2 of which are only available on the Scale plan).

1) (recommended) You can apply a global discount to ALL draft orders created through the app. This isn't done through a discount code but is a global % of $ amount off for all draft orders created through the app. 

Please note that using Shopify's "Automatic discounts" feature will not work with SoldLive invoices:

2) You can manually apply discount codes individually to the draft orders that the app creates for your customers. You can find the draft order of a particular customer by searching for draft orders by tag (we tag the draft order with the customer's name exactly as it appears on Facebook)

Then you can click the "Add discount" link to give them an individual discount on their order.

3) If you're on the Scale plan, you can request to have your checkout page include a discount code field for your shoppers to apply their own codes: