Why is a product missing?

If you can't find a product in your PRODUCTS tab, it usually means it's in "Draft" or "Archived" status.

Your PRODUCTS tab will show all your Shopify products that are in "Active" status. Products in "Draft" or "Archived" status will not be included.

By default, our automatic numbers are used for the comments:

This means we number all your products starting from 101. And then any future products you add to Shopify will automatically get numbered as well.

For example, if we find 5 products we will auto-number them as 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. And then when you add the 6th product in the future, it will automatically get 106.

If you decide to use your own SKUs or tags (available on our Business plan), the app will only pick up products with unique SKUs or tags that are in "Active" status.

We run a daily check to see if one of your tags or SKUs was assigned to a product that was previously in "Active" status and is now in "Draft" or "Archived" status (or has been deleted). In that case, we will delete that tag/SKU from our system so that you can reuse it for a new product.