Checkout Page vs Cart Page

By default, your invoices go to your Shopify checkout page. This guide will give you the pros and cons of using the Cart page instead of the Checkout page. 

We strongly recommend using the Checkout page. However, if you're on the Retail or Brand plans, you can request a change to the Cart page

Advantages of the Checkout Page:

  1. You can see and edit draft orders for your shoppers

Disadvantages of the Checkout Page:

  1. Your shoppers cannot browse your store to add other items to their cart when they check out
  2. You cannot add a discount code to apply to all checkouts (you have a couple of other options for discounting though)

If you choose the Cart page, the app will NOT create draft orders in your Shopify. We create an artificial cart that has its own pros and cons:

Advantages of the Cart Page:

  1. Your shoppers can browse your store to add other items to their cart when they check out
  2. Your shoppers can add their own discount codes
  3. Your shoppers can increase the quantities of each item in their cart without commenting again (but this is also a disadvantage! See below) 

Disadvantages of the Cart Page:

  1. Shopify's Cart page can be glitchy (it's rare, but it happens once in a while)
  2. Your customers can easily "steal" items from others by going to their store and adding items to their cart that they weren't able to claim through a comment.  
  3. You are unable to see or edit their actual draft order
  4. Your shopper can change the quantity of an item in their cart without you or the app knowing. This can lead to other invoiced shoppers seeing that it is 'sold out' when they go to check out.
  5. Attribution is not 100% accurate since there is no draft order that became a purchase order
  6. Cart hold times are not as precise as they are on the checkout page

Ultimately it's your choice. But we recommend sending your shoppers to the checkout page because you have more control over the shoppers' experience and their draft orders.

However, if you'd like to set your invoices to the Cart page given these risks, shoot us a line and we'll set that up for you!