Guide for Groups

There are 2 methods to have the app on your group.

The first ( recommended and default for the Boutique Plan) is to post to your group from your FB Business page. In this case, the group works exactly the same as it does on your FB page. Your shoppers start commenting with the appropriate tags. 

You do not need to read further if you choose this method. Just install the app on your group and you're good to go

This method has the advantage of being able to go live in your page and group simultaneously:

The second method is for merchants on the Retail or Scale Plans who want to post into their group using their personal profile. For this method to work, simply include a #soldlive tag in the post itself:

Then your shoppers comment as normal and they will get an autoreply comment with a link to their cart:
Clicking on the link takes them to Messenger where they will be asked about the variants (if appropriate):
And then they'll get the checkout link as normal:

If this is the first time your shopper has interacted with you, they just need to click a "Get Started" button