If you want to go live with our overlays, you would need 2 devices: your phone and your laptop. Your phone is the streaming device (ie camera).

On your phone, you would go to the Overlays tab to click on your overlay URL. The easiest way to do this is to go into the Shopify app from your phone, then go to SoldLive, then go to the Overlays tab.

On your laptop, you also have the Overlays tab open so that you can watch yourself and the 3 most recent comments in the Preview section of the Overlay.

Here's a 2-min video on how to go live with our overlays. But the step-by-step instructions are:

1) Go to your Overlay URL from your phone and make sure to give the site access to your phone's camera/mic if it asks for it.

2) Click "Connect" on your phone

3) From your laptop go to the Overlays tab, select where you want to stream (ex your Business Page), edit the title/description of the live if you want to customize it, and click "Go Live"