A guide for buyers

Each product that your host is showcasing has a number like 101. Once the number is revealed during the live sale, all you have to do is type the number as the comment. So for example "101"

This will trigger a private message from the FB page. If the product has different options like sizes, the message will ask you what size you want:

Once you click one of these buttons, the FB page will then send you an invoice to purchase:

You can also comment with the variant in the comment itself. So for example "101 medium" will work and will skip the question about size. In this case, you would just get the invoice directly. This is useful if you're on a phone and don't want to leave the live sale.

You can comment on multiple products during the live sale. And each invoice gets added to your cart. Your final invoice link will contain all the items you successfully commented for.

You can practice claiming items by writing a comment on this test post

Removing items from your cart

Every time you get an invoice, you'll get a checkout link to either buy or remove from your cart after your comment:

Clicking the "Remove from cart" button will do just that. If you have multiple items in your cart and want to delete a certain one, be sure to scroll up in your Messenger thread and click the "Remove from cart" button for that particular item

Each comment will hold the product in your cart. And then you can check out at once when the live sale is over.