This will be a continually updated article to highlight what's new in the app. We're working hard daily to improve the app, and all these updates were based on customer feedback. If you have feedback for us, please get in touch to schedule a zoom call.

Aug '22

  • Commenting for multiple quantities is now more flexible. Both "101 x 4" and "101 x4" work to claim 4 of an item
  • Updated iPhone (v1.6) and Android (v1.6) overlay apps in the Apple app and Google Play stores
  • Instagram support for all plans. SoldLive works on IG lives, posts, reels, and stories
  • Comments displayed on iPhone mobile overlay app (coming soon)

    Jul '22 

  • Updated iPhone (v1.5) and Android (v1.4) overlay apps in the Apple app and Google Play stores
  • Waitlists and cart hold times for Instagram live selling
  • Ability to edit the waitlist opt-in message (it's a hidden feature available upon request)
  • Live announcements - automatically message your shoppers as soon as you go live

  • Jun '22

  • Instagram Lives now supported! Here's a 20-second video clip taken from an actual IG live sale
  • Mobile overlay apps for iPhone and Android are now available Apple app and Google Play stores in early June. Please see this article for more details.

    May '22 

  • Instagram comment selling! 
  • Waitlisted messages now include product variant information:
  • Mobile apps to add overlays (coming soon)

    Apr '22 
  • Ability to remove items from draft orders on behalf of your shoppers:Please see this article for more details on how this works and when you would want to use this

  • Mar '22  

    • New cart hold time options including midnight on any day of the week
    • Waitlist issues highlighted - we now show a red ! next to anyone in Waitlisted status who did not properly add themselves to the waitlist:
      All waitlisted shoppers need to click "Yes please!" and then a "Notify Me" button to be properly added to the waitlist. This article explains how the waitlist works.
    • Reminders issue resolved - previously not all unpaid invoices were getting reminder comment replies to nudge them to complete their purchase. Now they are. And you can customize the reminder message and timing in your REMINDERS tab. If you're finding any shoppers with unpaid invoices are not getting reminder comment replies, please get in touch with us to investigate.

    Feb '22  

  • No % fees on your shipping or taxes. We were previously taking our % fees on the entire order, which included shipping and taxes. Starting Feb 16, we now only take % fees on the price of the product that’s being invoiced. This will save you money!
  • Search in the PRODUCTS tab by barcode so that you can just scan your barcodes to search for products
  • You can now have your shoppers directly message you on Messenger with the identifier (ex "101") and this will trigger an invoice response. This "Direct Message" option can be turned ON in your Settings tab (it's OFF by default)
  • Redesigned Overlays tab to make it easier to go live. Here's a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxzhNhpJhpY You can request to switch over to this new UI by sending us an email
  • You can now set your back-in-stock hold time to a certain day/time to match your regular (non-waitlisted) draft orders. This means you can hold pre-orders by selling an item with inventory of 0, creating a waitlist, and then messaging the waitlisted shoppers when your inventory comes in stock. Those back-in-stock invoices can now expire on a day/time of your choice. This article explains how to do preorders

  • Jan '22 

    • QR codes to quickly launch your overlay from your phone
    • Ability to change the mirroring of your video when using overlays (more details here)
    • Reminder comments tag the shopper, so they get notified in Facebook about their reminder message. This only works on page posts (not group posts)
    • We are now only scanning your Active products and no longer reading in Draft products. This should help keep your product numbers low. If you'd like us to revert back to reading in your Draft products, let us know!

    Dec '21

    • No 'sold' needed. Just have your shoppers comment the number by itself (ex "101"). If you're using your own tags or SKU's as the identifier, let us know if you want to exclude "sold" and we'll enable that for you too
    • Enhanced Overlays Preview. When you go live with our overlays, you'll now see a "LIVE" indicator in the top left along with the number of viewers. You'll also see the 4 most recent comments in this preview:

    Nov '21

  • We now display your product inventory in the PRODUCTS tab so you can instantly see if the product you want to sell is available
  • Reminder autocomment replies. Automatically post these reminder comments to shoppers whose active invoices are about to expire. More details here
  • Waitlist autocomments. Your shoppers that comment for items that are ‘sold out’ now get an immediate autocomment reply. More details here
  • Continued improvement in video and audio quality when going live with our overlays

  • Oct '21

  • Improved video quality when using overlays. Please get in touch with us if you have any video/audio quality issues
  • Use your own SKU's or Shopify tags (only available for Retail and Scale plans)
  • Now works on individual picture posts within a group album post, as long as you include the #soldlive tag in the main album post

  • Sep '21

  • Ability to set your cart hold time to a specific day/time (ex Sundays at 10pm) instead of a set # of hours or days. Please contact us if you want to use this option
  • Autocomment replies for reminder messages
  • Improved group functionality when posting from your personal profile (only available for Retail and Scale plans)

  • Aug '21

    • Option to display comments in your Overlay Preview 
    • Barcode scanning and reminder features for Boutique plan
    • Barcode scanner will now read either the SKU field OR the barcode field in Shopify. If you're on our Retail plan, you can choose to use SKU's instead of numbers or tags
    • Prevent displaying a question about variant options if a variant only has a single option
    • Ability to turn back the option for us to tag all your products in Shopify (for Scale plan)

    Jul '21

    • New tagging system where we no longer touch your Shopify product tags. More details here
    • Overlays being restored for Boutique Plan (with a "powered by SoldLive" graphic if you're on the Boutique plan)
    • Reminders feature for the Retail and Scale plans

    Jun '21

    • Go live with the overlays in both your Page and your Group at the same time. Just select Crosspost in the "Where to stream" section of the Overlays tab
    • Choose to use either the front or rear camera when you go live. There is a toggle on the Overlay URL to let you switch cameras. And this toggle goes away after you click Connect (ie you can only switch cameras before you go live)
    • Barcode scanning is available now for the Retail plan
    • Overlays are available now for ALL stores (Boutique plan stores have "powered by SoldLive" branding on it)

    May '21

    • Go live with the overlays in a single step. Just choose where to go live (page or group), and your live will launch immediately (no more going through FB Live Producer)
    • App is mobile-friendly now. You can use the app within the Shopify Mobile app if you're on your phone
    • "Revenue held in cart" stat to show you how much in unpaid invoices is outstanding. These are invoices that have not expired and are still being held in cart for your shoppers that claimed

    Apr '21

    • Prevent anyone from going around your live sale by password-protecting your store. More details here along with other options if you don't want to do that
    • Overlays are now done in portrait mode through your phone. No 3rd party app to install anymore. You just go live through your phone! More details here

    • Waitlisted shoppers get a back-in-stock message when it's their turn to buy. This message now has a "No thanks" button in addition to a Checkout button. If your shopper clicks "No thanks", it automatically goes to the next person on the waitlist.

    Mar '21

    • Added free shipping as an option for global discounts
    • Overlays in beta. We have basic desktop overlays through OBS. We are collecting feedback now and this feature is invite-only for now. We are also working on mobile overlays currently and will have something to beta test in the next month
    • If you have autotagging turned on, you can now accept comments without the word ‘sold’ in front of it. Try commenting “101 large” on this post for example

    Feb '21

    • Hiding your products from search. To prevent shoppers from going around your live and "stealing" items that someone else already claimed, you can hide the products from your site's search. See this article on how to do that.
    • Scaleability. One of our customers had a flawless live sale this week with over 12K comments!

      If you are getting any overselling issues or waitlist problems, let us know. We believe we have all the kinks worked out and can scale to very large live sales. But you may have a corner case that we need to look into. Please get in touch if you have any issues with inventory management or anything else!

    Jan '21

    • No more # when doing auto-tagging! If you choose to let the app automatically tag everything for you, the tags will now be numeric and omit the #. So 100, 101, 102, etc.

      If you were on the old system of #101, #102, #103, and like it. No worries. Don't choose the option to switch, and autotatgging will continue working the way you had it
    • Global discounts. If you want to give your shoppers a discount in the form of $ off or % off, our Retail Plan lets you do this now:

      Just look for the DISCOUNTS section in your Settings, turn it ON, and select the discount you want to apply. This discount gets automatically applied to all new draft orders that the app sends out for you.

    Dec '20

    • Groups are finally out of beta! After months of testing, we are proud to open up groups out of private beta. Thank you to our founding customers that helped us with beta testing over the past 3 months. Groups function slightly differently than pages, which you can read about here.

    Nov '20

    • You can include multiple quantities in the comment itself. So comments like "sold 101 x5" will load 5 of the items in checkout for your shopper. More details are here
    • You can now print cards of products which you can show in your lives. Just go to the Products tab, select the products you want, and click the Print button. Here's an example (please give us feedback. We are engineers, not designers, and can use your aesthetic feedback!)

    Oct '20

    • Comments that include the size variant can now accept different spellings for the size. So "sold #101 small" and "sold #101 s" both work now. You can see a full list of size variations that we support here.
    • We now have an automated message that goes out to waitlisted shoppers whose hold times expired after they got invoiced:

      You can edit this message in your WAITLIST tab

    Sep '20

    • If any of your shoppers are writing the comment to you through a PM instead of a comment, let us know. We can turn on comment reading in your Inbox so that you auto reply to orders that come in via private messages in addition to comments

    Aug '20
    • You can have your shoppers comment with the variant options in the comment itself (ex "sold 101 large"). This will avoid the question about the variation options and will directly cart the right size. More details here
    • Autotagging lets the app take care of all the tags for you. No more manual tagging to ensure all tags are unique!


    • The Waitlist feature is now out of beta. Shoppers that comment for products that have already been claimed can add themselves to the waitlist and will get notified after the cart hold time expires for the previous commenters that were able to claim the product.
    • Draft orders now get created (by default) for all invoices. And draft orders that expire are automatically deleted from your Shopify when the cart hold times expire


    • Comment for multiple items and check out at once. Each product has its own cart hold time that expires individually
    • Syncs with Shopify inventory in real-time. Tags also update in real-time now. As soon as you set your tags in Shopify, they will appear within the app's dashboard. Same thing with inventory updates