How do cart hold times work when the Cart page is used for invoicing?

(as of 10/11/23, the Cart page is no longer available as an option unless you've been grandfathered into it)

If you are on the Scale plan and choose to use the Cart page instead of the Checkout page for your invoices, the cart expiration times are not as precise. 

When using the checkout page for invoices, each item gets individually deleted from the draft order when their cart expiration time is up. But for the cart page, the items get deleted from the cart only if the cart time expires AND if a new invoice (for another item) is sent afterward. 

Also, if a shopper adds something (outside the live) to the cart, the newly added items do NOT have a cart expiration time.

This is one of the other reasons why we strongly recommend using the checkout page for your invoices instead of the cart page.