Preventing products from being bought outside your live sale

"Cart stealing" is when someone goes outside your live sale and purchases it directly from your website. Our cart hold time feature prevents live sale commenters from claiming an item that someone already claimed. But it doesn't prevent a bad actor from going directly to your website to "steal" it.

There are 4 ways to prevent this:

1) Locking your store behind a password during your live (recommended)  The checkout links that the app sends are still valid even though the store is behind a password. Your shoppers that click on those checkout links do not need to enter a password. Here's how to enable this

2) If you have a POS as a channel option, you can turn that ON and leave the Online Store channel unchecked

3) Hiding your products from search

4) Going into your draft order and clicking "Reserve items"

We recommend the first method because that hides all the products from everyone. The 2nd and 3rd methods only hide at a product level, and so you would have to hide them for every single product you showcase on your live sale.