Automatic tagging (grandfathering)

Starting July '21, we transitioned to a new internal tagging system.

Many merchants told us they don't want SoldLive touching their Shopify product tags for various reasons. And so we are now keeping the same numbering system, but just not updating your Shopify product tags.

Our new system doesn't tag your products in Shopify at all. It just assigns an automatic number within the app. Those numbers work on comments just like before. More details in our automatic numbering system are here.

If you installed the app before July '21 and would rather use your own Shopify tags, you can set this to ON in your Settings tab:

It's OFF by default, which means our automatic numbers will show up in your PRODUCTS tab. If it's switched to ON, then you'll see your unique Shopify product tags in the PRODUCTS tab.

Upon special request, we can go back to automatically tagging your products with our automatic numbering system if you installed the app before July '21.