Automatic tagging upon special request

If you are on the Retail or Scale plans, you can request that we tag your products in Shopify for you with our automatic numbering system.

Just email us and we'll enable this for you.

If you choose this option, just please be careful when you duplicate products in Shopify. Shopify duplicates the tag when you duplicate a product. This causes the tag to no longer be unique, and so both the original and duplicate products will not show up in the PRODUCTS tab within the app. 

When this happens, you'll see a warning like above. And you can review and click on the "Remove all duplicate tags" button which will remove the tag from both products (duplicate and original):

And this will force autotagging to assign new tags to it 

One final note: some merchants have tags showing up on their storefront. If that's happening to you: head into Online Store > Themes > Click "Customize" Then under the section "Collection pages" just uncheck the option "Enable tag filtering".