Trouble adding your group?

If you get a "Please make sure you're an admin of at least 1 group" error, it means we are unable to find a group where we have permission to connect to.

Please check for the following:

1) You'll want to make sure that  both your FB Business page and your personal FB account (that you used to connect the FB page within the app) are admins of the group you want to add.

2) Please add the "SoldLive" app to your group. Here are instructions if you haven't already done this step. You should see this in the About -> Group Apps section of your group:

3) Please make sure your FB Business page and your group are linked. You should see your group in the Linked Groups section of your FB Business page:

Feel free to contact us if you're having trouble, and we'll ask to get on a Zoom call with you to troubleshoot it with you.