Mobile Overlays app

The mobile overlay app lets you go live on Facebook or Instagram with an "overlay" to display the product information:

This tells your viewers what to comment, what's available in terms of options, and the price. While this isn't necessary to use SoldLive, it may make it easier for your viewers to buy from you.

Our iPhone app is available from the Apple App Store:  (latest version is v2.0.17, updated Jun 27, 2024) 

And our Android app is available from the Google Play store: (latest version is v3.0.0, updated Jun 26, 2024)

Your login is your email address associated with your Shopify store. You can set your password from the Overlays App Password section of your SETTINGS tab from within the Shopify SoldLive app.

Once logged into the mobile app, select where you want to go live (FB, IG, or both) and click the Preview button. Here's a 1-min demo video -

  • You'll control the overlay from your OVERLAYS tab within the Shopify SoldLive app.
  • You'll see the last 6 comments on FB and/or IG on the Overlay app on your phone. We display all comments on the phone, regardless of whether they are product claims.

Important to do this before you go live: try clicking Next from the OVERLAYS tab while in the Preview screen of the mobile app to ensure the overlay changes. 

You'll have your phone on a tripod as your camera, and you'll have a laptop open to control the overlay 

Some tips when going live:

  • Ensure you have your phone on Do Not Disturb mode to prevent calls or texts from interrupting your livestream
  • Ensure your phone is connected to wifi and not running on cellular
  • Keep your phone plugged in while streaming
  • Close other apps running in the background if you're having issues