How do Reminders work?

Reminders let your shoppers know that their cart hold times will expire soon if they haven't paid their invoices yet. It shows up as a comment reply to your message:

The shopper gets tagged in the reminder (as shown above). This also triggers a FB notification to alert them.

Reminders also go out as private messages to anyone who has subscribed to your live announcements:

This article explains how your customers can subscribe to your live announcements.

You can edit the purchase reminder message and timing in your REMINDERS tab. We recommend setting the reminder message to go out 30 minutes or 1 hour before the cart expires:

Some more details if interested:

  • Not everyone will get the reminder message as a private message in Messenger (depending on whether they're subscribed to your live announcements). But everyone will get the reminder message in the form of a comment reply.
  • We do not send reminders if there are other shoppers on the waitlist for that item
  • If there are multiple unpaid items, we will just send a single reminder message/post instead of a reminder for every single item in the cart