Live Announcements

You have the ability to automatically send out FB messages whenever you go live:

Your shoppers have to opt-in to getting these messages, which they can do by commenting 'subscribe' on any of your FB Business page posts. Or by going to your custom URL, as explained here.

Once they comment 'subscribe', they'll get this message:

And after they click "Get messages", they'll automatically get messaged whenever you go live!

You can see how many subscribers you have in this section of your Settings tab:

Some tips to get your customers to subscribe:

  • Turn on "Ask to Subscribe"

This will auto-reply to commenters who are not claiming an item to ask them if they want to subscribe to your live announcements:

(note that commenters will not get asked to subscribe more than once within a 7-day period)

  • Send your[yourdomain] link through your email newsletters or order confirmation emails

  • You can pin a post at the top of your FB Business page instructing your shoppers to comment 'subscribe'

  • Have your folks comment  'subscribe' in the middle of your lives. Take a break from showing products and give your viewers a call-to-action to subscribe so that they get alerted to your next live sale

Another benefit of being a subscriber is that the customer gets reminders for unpaid invoices through a direct message on Facebook, as explained here: