Comment errors and how to resolve them

There are 2 types of errors in the Dashboard that you might see for a shopper's comment:

  1. User's privacy settings:

    In this case, the shopper simply has to allow an app to let your page message them. You can have them go here: and set this to "Turn Off":

  2. Another Messenger app is interfering:

    In this case, you have another app in your business integrations that is interfering with SoldLive. Simply remove it and you should be good to go:

If the above errors do not explain the error you received, please ensure that SoldLive is set as your Primary Receiver in both Facebook and Instagram. Go to your Page settings > Advanced Messaging and click Configure in the Handover Protocol section:

Then set "SoldLive" as the Primary receiver:

Finally there might be some comment errors that are coming from Facebook and have nothing to do with SoldLive. This article might help you troubleshoot those errors that are out of our scope.