Deleting comments from the Dashboard

You can request the ability to remove certain invoiced items from shopper's draft orders by clicking on the gray "X" next to their "Invoiced" status:
Removing an item like this deletes the draft order if that was the only item in the person's invoice. If there are other items in the draft order, then it just removes the item you deleted.

And if there's a waitlist for the item that got deleted, the next person in line gets notified immediately after you delete. Please get in touch with us if you'd like this feature enabled for you. 

The "X" only appears next to Invoiced comments that have not expired. So you'll only click it to void invoices that are active. Use this if you have commenters that are asking you to remove items for them (do not edit your draft order since it won't release the item to the waitlist)

The other time you'll use this feature us if you have a pesky commenter that always comments but never buys.

If you're on our Retail or Scale plans, you can get in touch with us to request this feature.