List of hidden features available upon special request

Our philosophy of SoldLive is to keep things simple. You don't need to watch tutorial videos or to contact support to get started. Although we are available to help you, everything is supposed to be DIY. 

Merchants should be up and running within 60 seconds of installing the app. This is simply not possible with other apps like CommentSold. 

To keep it simple, we hide some of the "extra" features that 95% of merchants don't need. This is a running list of them. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to turn any of these on:

  • Customize your Waitlist opt-in message - instead of the standard "Sorry this sold out!" message:You can customize this message to your liking or local language. Just email us to let us know what you'd like to change it to. Facebook limits this to 65 characters.

  • Extended group post window - by default, we monitor and respond to comments on posts that are less than 7 days old in your group. We can extend this to 30 days for you if you agree to tag all your group posts with #soldlive 

    Tagging your group posts with #soldlive tells our app to ONLY look for posts with that tag and to ignore all the rest. That lets us monitor less posts even though we are looking back over the last 30 days of group post history

  • Removing comments from Dashboard - enabling this feature lets you remove certain invoiced items from shopper's draft orders by clicking on the gray "X" next to their "Invoiced" status:

    This article has more details about this feature.

  • Display Inventory on Dashboard - this displays the SoldLive inventory count on the Dashboard, which is different from your Shopify inventory count. The SoldLive inventory takes into account products that are being held in cart that haven't been purchased yet, and so it can be lower than the Shopify inventory count:
  • Switch to Cart page instead of Checkout page (Retail/Brand plans only) - this changes the checkout link to go to the Cart page instead of the Checkout page. This isn't recommended since it does not create draft orders. But it does let your shoppers use their own discount codes. More details here
  • Use your personal profile to post to your group (Retail/Brand plans only) - instead of using your Business page to post into your group, this option allows you to post using your personal page instead. The 2nd option in this article describes how this works