List of advanced configuration options for Scale plan

If you are on the Scale plan, you can request us to enable any of the additional features mentioned below.

If you need something more specific and custom to your workflow (ex applying commission tags for individual salespeople), please contact us about our Summit plan

  • Additional checkout options. Instead of the normal Checkout page, you can have a checkout page without draft orders which enables your shoppers to enter their own discount codes. You can see this article for more details on the checkout options.

    This also allows your shopper to continue shopping on your website to continue the cart they started with you during the live sale

  • Removing comments from Dashboard - enabling this feature lets you remove certain invoiced items from shopper's draft orders by clicking on the gray "X" next to their "Invoiced" status:

    This article has more details about this feature.

  • Display Inventory on Dashboard - this displays the SoldLive inventory count on the Dashboard, which is different from your Shopify inventory count. The SoldLive inventory takes into account products that are being held in the cart that haven't been purchased yet, so it can be lower than the Shopify inventory count:

  • Comments with a number anywhere in the comment - by default, the identifier (ex 130) needs to be the first word in the comment. And so comments like this are not valid:

    If you are on the Scale plan, we can enable a comment like the above to work as well. This may increase the time between comment and invoice however since there is more computation that needs to be done to analyze the entire comment.

  • Customize your Waitlist opt-in message - instead of the standard "Sorry this sold out!" message:

    You can customize this bolded text to your liking or local language. Just email us to let us know what you'd like to change it to. Facebook limits this to 65 characters

  • Forcing a trigger word before the number - if you want to only send invoices to comments like "sold 101" but not "101", then we can require your shoppers to include a trigger word like 'sold' before the number